Reverse Dieting


Have you ever hit a sticking point in your dieting and going lower with your calories is not an option? Or, You have just come off the stage, you have been looking forward to sinking your teeth into a very large cheat meal, but you want all the hard work you have put into your…

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My Next Gym Accessory – JayBird Headphones


Whilst in the gym tonight with my iPod playing, the cord on my headphones kept getting caught up and falling off, grrr! I have been looking around for some Bluetooth headphones for a while, I’ve seen some of the gym members at the gym I go to with some, but I wasn’t impressed with them.…

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Book review: Jailhouse Strong

jailhouse strong

This book was recommended from a very good source (only Charles Poliquin is recognized as one of the Worlds most successful strength coaches) in this video below: Post by Strength Sensei.   Now, this book review is coming from a guy who struggles to sit still to read a book, but since this book was on…

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Overtrain- Myth or Meaningful Warning?


During this article we’ve attempted to bring you cutting edge science and give it to you in a formula that you can understand and implement in your workouts. Today we’re discussing the effects of overtraining and over reaching on your body size. It seems like it’s becoming a catch all excuse for people who aren’t…

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Ladies, think weight training is only for men?


So most women have an image that weight training is only for men and that if they pick up weights they will get “BIG”. It may sound funny to some people but even I thought that before I started weight training around four years ago. I used to love going to the gym but I was always on…

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